Thursday, June 5, 2008

Escaped from State Terrorism

After the violence,
I make my way into non-violence.
After the crack-down,
I am on my way to liberated area now.
In the recent old darkness,
I hid my soul under the bloodshed.
During the wartime like days,
I fled from my bomb-shelters away.
Oh! My lover, I was being peeped and sniped.
Oh! My lover, I was being preyed and hunted.
But, our sanghas, they save me.
But, our students, they help me.
But, our people, they guard me.
But, our friends, they love me.
Now here, crossing the bridge of the trouble
Freedom fighters, Democracy lovers embrace me well.
Now here, according to the freedom, justice and peace
I am a free man indeed.
Now here, among the white doves
My dream will come true first.
Now here, under our dramatic revolution flags
Let's take our breaths and ―
Let's march on ahead.

Aung Way
Poet of Myanmar

(မူရင္း - ေဒါက္တာလြဏ္းေဆြ ဘေလာ့ဂ္ )


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