Thursday, June 5, 2008

To a Myanmar Soldier Brother

Oh! my soldier brother,
If you were a good soldier,
A soldier is not a soldier ―
in your mind,
in your soul,
in your heart.
If you were a patriotic soldier,
A soldier may be ―
a student,
a sangha,
a people.
If you were a democratic soldier,
A soldier means ―
not a slave,
not a butcher,
not a traitor.
Including you ―
We, the freedom fighters
Including you ―
We, the democracy lovers
Including you ―
We, the peace makers
Let's join hands to build a government ―
of the people,
for the people,
by the people.
Oh! my soldier brother(s)
Urgently, you find your way to ―
save the people,
love the people,
protect the people.

Aung Way (from a bomb-shelter)
(son of a veteran)

(မူရင္း - ေဒါက္တာလြဏ္းေဆြဘေလာ့ဂ္ )